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Aerial Skis for Snow & Water

In 2008, Oxess started to develop a new aerial ski, sponsored by Swiss Ski and Swiss Olympics.
Aerials is a freestyle discipline, with a quite small scene. Nevertheless, having the best equipment decides, if you win a competition or not. This was reason enough for many Swiss and international athletes to jump with Oxess aerial skis.
The Australien athlete Lydia Lassilat, Olympic winner 2010, bronze medallist 2014 is crazy about this ski:"Oxess skis are designed specifically for aerial skiing, it’s essential to have the right blades for the job. This very light product makes flips, twists, rotations and the landing much easier"
Anton Kushnir, one of the world's best athletes, won the Olympic gold medal 2014 on Oxess, the brand he trusts since years.

Since more than 10 years most of the podiums on World Cup, World Championships, Olympic Games are covered by riders on Oxess Skis.

So there is hardly any way to pass Aerial skis made by Oxess.

Oxess aerial skis are available in 3 different lengths: 1400, 1450 and 1500mm. They will be produced individually in co-operation with each athlete.

Based on the individual requirements of any athlete we can customize our snowboards and skis in length, width, stiffness or radius.

On special request also complete individual shapes or colors are possible, colorful Oxess logos or an individual design.

Send us a mail or call us. Together we check out, what is possible and what effort it takes.

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