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At Oxess we carefully produce all products by hand, including all race boards. We only use very high-quality materials. Thanks to the experience of more than 25 years in snowboard construction, Oxess builds snowboards of highest quality and durability.

Race boards from Oxess impress with their high performance, both in terms of smooth-running, carving characteristics and ice grip. This is done by adapting the progression of board stiffness and flexibility to the customer's individual needs by using special materials (carbon, fiberglass, titanal, rubber) and CNC-milled wood cores.

Ingemar Walder

With the TC (Torsion Control) developed by Oxess, the power is optimally distributed to the board by means of 3D-construction. Thus, these forces can act where they are needed. Ideal preconditions for top athletes as well.  

While we use carbon as a top sheet for slope riders, since it makes the board very agile and allows a wide application area, we work almost exclusively with titanal for racers, which makes the board extremely smooth running.

Of course, we can also customize all models for special requirements according to the customer's needs.

Meanwhile Oxess is very well represented in alpine racing. Athletes from various national teams and junior squads in Europe, Asia and America appreciate the individual support of Team Oxess and the possibility to tailor the ideal snowboard for themselves. Oxess hence, makes a significant contribution to a successful career. Olympic gold medalists, World champions, World Cup winner, countless podium places on Oxess snowboards are proof enough.

Model Type Glass Carbon Titanal Zebrano Length Edge Radius min. Width Stance
RS137 Kids x x x 1.37 m 1.24 m 8.0 m 178 mm 410 mm
RS145 Kids x x x 1.45 m 1.31 m 10.0 m 192 mm 460 mm
RS154 SL x x x 1.54 m 1.39 m 9.0 m 184 mm 480 mm
RS160 SL x x x 1.60 m 1.45 m 9.5 m 195 mm 500 mm
RS162 SL x x x 1.62 m 1.47 m 10.0 m 197 mm 500 mm
RS164 SL x x x 1.64 m 1.50 m 11.5 m 197 mm 500 mm
RG170 GS x x x 1.70 m 1.56 m 14.0 m 185 mm 480 mm
RG174 GS x x x 1.74 m 1.60 m 14.5 m 188 mm 480 mm
RG178 GS x x x 1.78 m 1.64 m 15.0 m 198 mm 500 mm
RG180 GS x x x 1.80 m 1.66 m 17.0 m 194 mm 500 mm
RG185 17.0 GS x x x 1.85 m 1.71 m 17.0 m 196 mm 500 mm
RG185 19.0 GS x x x 1.85 m 1.71 m 19.0 m 201 mm 500 mm

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