The way to success

Oxess is a Swiss-based winter sports equipment manufacturer of snowboards and skis that has come a long way since its simple beginnings in 1993. From garage production to a highly customizable manufacturing system that has all it takes to win medals. With commitment to excellence in every aspect of its products, from the materials used to the hand-built manufacturing process, Oxess has established itself as a premium sports equipment industry player.


The story behind

Marcel Brunner, who is born in 1969, is a highly skilled cabinetmaker. So he knows how to handle different kinds of wood. With the Sauber F1 Team, he worked on aerodynamical parts and learned a lot about all-glass and carbon fiber reinforced plastic materials. In his spare time he began to combine various woods and syntheticals. In the early nineties he manufactured his first snowboards. With great passion he started to develop high end snowboards and decided to establish his own company with his own label: Oxess.

Initially Marcels friends ordered the first boards in 1994 and they were really excited. Only a few years later the first professional riders changed to the new Swiss high-performance brand. Right from the start they were highly successful in world’s top competitions. Today Oxess is constantly present on the podiums at Olympic Games, World Championships and the FIS World Cup. No wonder, more and more ambitious and enthusiastic riders grant themselves an individualized Oxess snowboard.

In the year 2008 Oxess engineered an Aerial Ski togheter with Swiss Ski and Swiss Olympics. Since then several Athletes from Switzerland and all around the world choose to compete with Oxess Aerial Skis

In 2010 Oxess built their first Carving Ski. In co-operation with a former member of the Swiss national Ski team Marcel Brunner developed a race carver which covers all needs to enjoy all kinds of slopes. With three models only, Oxess goes for best quality and individualizing instead of mass production. So a maximum on fun and durability, made in Switzerland, is guaranteed.

Oxess‘ motivation is a consequent and constant improvement of their snowboards and skis for even more performance and fun. Therefore Marcel Brunner and his team are in constant experience exchange with both, the professionals and the fun riders. Their needs and feedback push them to constant improvement of the performance of each product.

In 2013 Oxess purchased a CNC-Cutter and in 2014 a tailor-made CNC wide belt grinder. Those machines allow the team to produce even more precisely and provide useful options for an increased customizing. Based on the very fine two-dimensional grinding of the essential wooden core, it allows adapting snowboards and skis exactly to the individual needs of the athletes. The grinding can be done faster now as well, so that we were able to increase our manufacturing capacity in order to satisfy the growing demands (better, quicker, sooner).

However, Oxess is still a small enterprise, but probably the one with the latest machinery available. Despite all equipment, manufacturing snowboards and skis still is mechanical art that requires profound knowledge, experience and intuition.