Photo credits

Some of the Photos on the Website belong to photographers and/or riders. We want and need to make sure, to give them the platform they deserve:

Productpictures: Egelmair Photography (
Cover Photo 1: Photographer - Miha Matavz (; Rider - Nevin Galmarini
Cover Photo 2: Photographer - Miha Matavz (; Riders - Belle Brockhoff, Chloe Trespeuch, Eva Adamczykova, Lea Casta
Cover Photo 3: Photographer - Egelmair Photography (; Riders - Front: Daniele Bagozza, Back: Aaron March
Cover Photo 4: Photographer - Sebastian Kislinger; Rider - Alex Payer
Photo "Passion": Photographer - Gamichan; Rider - TatsuyaTakahashi (@tatsu_srw)
XXR Actionshot: Photographer - Reto Nyffenegger (; Rider - Branislav Duronjić
RXR Actionshot: Photographer - unknown; Rider - Ueli Rohner
SXR Axtionshot: Photographer - Oceana Galmarini (; Rider - Nevin Galmarini
WXR Actionshot: Photographer  - unknown; Rider - Kurt Christensen
RS / RG Actionshot: Photographer - Mayk Wendt (; Rider - Jessica Keiser
CX, AM-1 and P-1 Actionshot: Photographer/Rider - Gerald Staltner (@gerald_wintergold)
RC Actionshot: Photographer - Reto Nyffenegger (; Rider - Björn Bittel
BX Actionshot: Photographer - unknown; Riders - Nick Baumgartner; Toni Toledo ; Huw Nightingale
FX Actionshot: Photographer - unknown; Rider - Kevin Wong

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