Collection: Carvingsession CS Alps 2025

14.03.2025 - 16.03.2025

Let's live out our shared passion together, whether with hardboots or softboots: carving is our life!

Unfortunately, carving events have become increasingly rare in recent years (no more World Carving Session or Carving Masters). Also, many ski resorts are not interested in responding to our wishes (difficult situation regarding accommodation and restaurants, no reserved slopes, refusal for various reasons...). The organization of such an event has become very challenging.

It was high time to try again and find a new home base for us. And we found what we were looking for!

Our resort: Rinerhorn Davos (Switzerland)

The Davos Rinerhorn ski resort offers exactly what we were looking for. It is very snowboard-friendly and also offers ideal conditions for various training groups. Davos Rinerhorn is not a large ski resort, but it is not overcrowded and offers wonderful slopes at affordable prices.

What we're planning to offer at the CSA 2025:

- Reserved slopes (Saturday and Sunday)
- Carving courses hardboot and softboot with former and active snowboard instructors/race coaches
- On Saturday and Sunday morning there will be the opportunity to use a giant slalom, which has been set up for race training. A trainer will also be present.
- Sports photographer for unforgettable pictures
- Apéro after snowboarding (Saturday)
- Dinner together in the mountain restaurant (followed by a gondola ride down to the valley)
- Manufacturer-independent test pool (Saturday and Sunday) 

Target group:

- all snowboard carvers (or those who want to become one)
- Hardboot and softboot

Goal of the session:

1) Carving, carving, carving
2) Have fun together and enjoy the most beautiful sport
3) Experience great moments together, meet old and new friends
4) Test new equipment, if desired

If you have any questions or queries, please contact directly.

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