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In the world of Skwal, the Oxess SX is the pinnacle of development. This unique product has been continuously refined to offer riders enormous stability with maximum agility. The SX can resist extreme loads and is incredibly durable, making it a great investment for anyone who wants a skwal that will last.

The Ultimate Choice for the connoisseur of the sport.

Marcel Brunner
Marcel Brunner
Founder, CEO



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Overall Lenght & Radius
  • Specs of the current selection:


Skwal is a unique winter sport that combines elements of snowboarding and skiing. Riding a Skwal lets you ride in a forward-facing body position while having your feet behind each other, allowing for quick edge changes and extremely tight turns.

  • Decambered nose & tail for stable speed in a straight line and smooth edge release
  • Carbon fiber structure provides outstanding torsion resistance and edge stability
  • Super-fast, World Cup-proven graphite base
  • Carving-specific flex and a camber profile ensure clean, smooth and fast edge engagement with the snow surface
  • Well-balanced material and construction make it the most durable skwal available


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